Quest Provides Updates on Hepatitis C and Alzheimer’s Disease Testing

June 2023

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Breaking Science News:

Only one in three adults (34%) with evidence of hepatitis C viral infection achieved viral clearance, despite the availability of curative therapies, according to an MMWR report issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on June 29, 2023. Adults enrolled in Medicaid as well as adults ages 20-39 years had even lower rates of viral clearance. The report is based on analysis by researchers from the CDC and Quest Diagnostics of deidentified data of laboratory tests performed by Quest on over 1.7 million individuals between 2013 and 2022.

“This study demonstrates the power of laboratory data to illuminate gaps in care for large populations,” said co-author William Meyer, PhD, Medical and Technical Laboratory Consultant, Quest Diagnostics. “Working together, the CDC and Quest created a simple, standard care cascade for tracking progress in eliminating hepatitis C.”

“This latest analysis by the CDC and Quest Diagnostics illustrates substantial opportunity to improve care and treatment for individuals infected with hepatitis C,” said co-author Harvey W. Kaufman, M.D., medical director and head of the Quest Diagnostics Health Trends® research program. “Hepatitis C is contagious and, over time, potentially lethal. It is disturbing that such a large proportion of infected individuals are not receiving treatment when today’s therapies have a nearly 100% cure rate.”   

The research is one of several studies developed by researchers from the CDC and Quest to inform public health strategy for hepatitis, COVID-19, HIV and other conditions, based on insights from the Quest Diagnostics Health Trends® research program. Adults enrolled in Medicaid as well as adults ages 20-39 years had even lower rates of viral clearance. Quest offers a comprehensive test menu of Hepatitis screening and monitoring assays.

Featured Innovation: AD-Detect Alzheimer’s Disease Blood Tests

A leader in neurology, Quest Diagnostics is committed to developing innovative laboratory services to aid in evaluating patient risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Through its proprietary AD-Detect line of blood tests, Quest is enabling patients and providers to access quality laboratory innovation for Alzheimer’s disease on a broad national scale for the first time. The company’s AD-Detect AB 42/40 test evaluates amyloid beta biomarkers associated with AD risk using a blood specimen instead of conventional cerebrospinal fluid. The company also provides ApoE genetic testing using two separate advanced technologies, molecular PCR testing and tandem mass spectrometry.

Through its courier network and 2,100 patient service centers in the U.S, Quest is uniquely positioned to collect blood specimens (with a physician order) and provide advanced laboratory testing on a national scale.

Seventy-seven percent of physicians say new therapies will transform Alzheimer’s into a chronic, manageable disease, according to a special report from Quest based on a survey by Harris Poll.

Board-certified neurologist Michael K. Racke, M.D., Medical Director, Neurology, is a leader in the field of neurology and neuroimmunology with over three decades of leadership experience in academia and clinical practice. For more information on the company’s innovations in Alzheimer’s disease or to schedule an interview, email us at

Science and Innovation

  • Individuals who participated in an annual workplace wellness program for five years had a 33% lower risk of developing diabetes than individuals who did not participate any year, according to research by Quest Diagnostics published in Diabetes.  
  • Positivity for marijuana in workers tested following an on-the-job accident hit a 25-year high in 2022, according to our most recent Drug Testing Index.

Corporate News

  • Quest Diagnostics completed its acquisition of Haystack Oncology, adding minimal residual disease testing to Quest’s oncology services portfolio.
  • Luis A. Diaz, Jr., M.D., head of the Division of Solid Tumor Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, has been elected to our board of directors.