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  • 09102021
    Crain's New York Business

    Illustrating the extent of the boom, Quest Diagnostics on Thursday raised its full-year revenue outlook by hundreds of millions of dollars. The Secaucus, N.J.–based company cited "stronger than anticipated" demand for its molecular Covid tests since it released its second quarter financial results and full-year guidance on July 22.

  • 09082021
    The Philadelphia Inquirer

    A new study suggests that U.S. cancer diagnoses have declined because of pandemic-related upheaval. Researchers from Quest Diagnostics used records of newly diagnosed cancer patients who received testing at Quest. In the year before the pandemic hit, the monthly average of new diagnoses was 32,000. In the most recent period, November 2020 to March 2021, the monthly average was about 26,000 — suggesting thousands of people skipped screening tests or checkups in the last year.

  • 09012021
    MedTech Dive

    New cancer diagnoses in the U.S. remained below the pre-pandemic period over the winter despite evidence cases were missed earlier in 2020, according to an analysis of data from Quest Diagnostics.

  • 08262021
    Boca Raton Tribune

    Quest Diagnostics, the nation’s leading provider of diagnostic information services, announced it has acquired select assets of Nationwide Laboratory Services (NLS), an independent clinical diagnostics laboratory headquartered in Boca Raton, FL with over 25 years of patient-centric service throughout the country.

  • 08182021

    The average positive rate for SARS-CoV-2, including the Delta variant, has steadily increased over the past six weeks, says a spokesperson at Quest Diagnostics. This is what fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people need to know about the dominant Delta variant.

  • 08132021
    The Body Pro

    The COVID-19 pandemic might have put a damper on testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)—in particular, chlamydia and gonorrhea—but not on the rate of infections, found an analysis published in May. The study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, concluded that stay-at-home orders early in the pandemic likely led to a 40% decrease in testing—though not necessarily in STI prevalence. “We’ve been losing the battle [against STIs] for six years, and COVID made it harder,” said Harvey W. Kaufman, M.D., senior medical director for Quest Diagnostics and an author of the study.

  • 08112021
    NPR TechNation Radio

    On this week’s Tech Nation, Moira speaks with DR. HARVEY KAUFMAN, the Senior Medical Director of Quest Diagnostics, about how the use or delay of medical tests reveals about the health status of the US.

  • 08062021
    Clinical Lab Products

    With the pandemic pressuring testing demand, lab stewardship programs can help with decision making and actionable insights to make the right testing decisions for patients, leading to better quality outcomes. By Lee Hilborne, MD, MPH.

  • 08062021
    Crain's New York Business

    Local health care providers and diagnostics companies are feeling the squeeze as demand increases for Covid-19 testing amid fears of the more-contagious Delta variant. The pattern has also affected companies that manufacture and process the tests, such as Quest Diagnostics. As of this week the Secaucus, N.J.–based company has performed 44.5 million tests since the beginning of the pandemic.

  • 07232021
    Real Simple

    If you're not sure what's causing your symptoms, you might want to start with an allergy test first. "When it comes to allergies, knowledge is power," says Jeffrey S. Dlott, MD, MS, senior medical director for Quest Diagnostics.