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  • 11282022

    Quest Diagnostics announced Nov. 28 that it completed its acquisition of LabCare Plus, the outreach laboratory services business of Ohio-based Summa Health.

  • 11222022
    Managed Healthcare Executive

    Oncologist and Vice President of Medical Affairs at Quest Diagnostics, Dr. Yuri Fesko, talks about why shortening this gap is critical to ensuring better patient outcomes and shared steps hospitals, health systems and physicians can take now to reduce testing delays, improve outcomes and lower costs of care.

  • 11172022
    The Washington Post

    During the last 15 years, researchers have become increasingly interested in developing blood tests that provide a window into the brain. Today, three tests — by C2N Diagnostics, Quest Diagnostics and Quanterix — are on the market, with more on the way. C2N debuted a test two years ago based on discoveries by Washington University scientists. Tests by Quest and Quanterix entered the market this year. None is covered by Medicare. Other companies, including Eli Lilly and Roche, have developed tests or are working on them. Next-generation tests are on the way. C2N charges $1,250 for its test and offers financial assistance for eligible patients. Quest, which charges $500, said some health plans are paying for the test. Quanterix declined to disclose a price but said its test is much cheaper than specialized scans. All the companies are trying to secure broader insurance coverage.

  • 11142022
    Clinical Lab Products

    Continued staffing shortages, more industry consolidation, and the growing ubiquity of at-home testing are just a few of the predictions that clinical laboratory experts are making for 2023. CLP recently asked clinical laboratory industry experts to weigh in on their predictions for the coming year. Following, in no particular order, are the top 10 predictions for 2023.

  • 11112022

    “There is room for error, particularly with at-home testing,” Dr. Jeffrey Dlott, senior medical director of diagnostics services at Quest Diagnostics, told Healthline. “Drawing one’s own blood can be daunting and anxiety-ridden for many. And if it’s not done right, results can be inconclusive and require the collection process to be repeated. For many, a blood draw by a trained phlebotomist may be preferred over pricking one’s own finger at home.”

  • 11042022
    MedTech Dive

    Quest Diagnostics is broadening access to its multiplex test to detect flu and COVID-19, letting patients self-collect samples for the test at its 1,600 testing centers across the U.S. Previously, patients had to make an appointment at a testing site, where they were swabbed by a clinician.

  • 11012022

    Jim Davis, who helped lead the Quest Diagnostics response to the COVID-19 pandemic, officially assumed the role of CEO and president Tuesday morning, succeeding the retiring Steve Rusckowski. Davis also was elected to the company’s board of directors. Davis, who came to Quest in 2013 as senior vice president of diagnostics solutions, has served as executive vice president for general diagnostics since 2017.

  • 10272022
    HR Dive

    Employers are in the business of supporting employee health. According to the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2022 Employer Benefits Survey, nearly half of employers consider wellness benefits a significantly important offering. But striking the balance between helping employees without overreaching into employee privacy can be tricky. HR Dive spoke with Steven Goldberg, MD, MBA, vice president and chief health officer, employee and population health, at Quest Diagnostics about how the company has managed efforts directed at employee health — while also respecting worker privacy.

  • 10252022
    Fast Company

    Leading brands are well-oiled marketing machines. You can’t become a household name without it. But a select subset of brands are taking that expertise and the size of their platforms, and using them to bring awareness to important issues or raise money for critical causes.

    QUEST FOR HEALTH EQUITY: As a brand most Americans only think about when they’re getting their blood drawn or urine tested, Quest Diagnostics moved to play a larger role in addressing health disparities in underserved communities when it established Quest for Health Equity at the end of 2020. Since then, the organization has partnered with religious leaders, health experts, and community organizations nationwide to push COVID-19 education, testing, and vaccination through Black religious organizations. Quest for Health Equity also worked to help Puerto Ricans with Long COVID, establishing the island’s first clinic focused specifically on Long COVID, helping more than 2,400 patients since opening in 2021.

  • 10212022
    Fierce Biotech

    Though countless diagnostic developers struck it rich at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of those that were relatively new to the testmaking game are now struggling to make up for lost sales as the spread of the virus slows down. Not so for established testing giants like Quest Diagnostics, which has seen its base business rebound in direct relation to dropping COVID-related earnings.